About Us

TradEngine is an e-commerce company that provides B2B sales services by connecting the buyers and sellers through a web based platforms. It is market place that allows buyers and sellers to come together and make a deal.

Our aim is to bring buyers and sellers together so that today’s buyer can be tomorrow’s seller.

How it all started?

ESTB: 2020 July

The establishment of TradEngine is a result of COVID-19 outbreak where businesses were immensely suffering. The SMEs, startups were very near to bankruptcy and people were starting to lose the faith in term “Entrepreneurship”. Even the organizations have started laying-off its employees. On there one hand there was chaos due to fear of virus spread, deaths and on the other hand the economy was shattering leaving many people jobless, hopeless and clueless. Similarly, millions of Nepalese residing abroad were forced to return penniless. The two major sectors contributing Nepalese economy; Tourism and Remittance were devastated. It was then we felt the need to support these kinds of SMEs and entrepreneurs by connecting them to buyers and also to connect the people who would like to start business with sellers. TradEngine is a platform evolved out of genuine and humble necessity. We support SMEs with all the resources necessary to go their business online. It is to digitize your business.

How does it work?

 TradEngine acts as a marketing platform where sellers list their products and services. Buyer then visits the platform in search of products and services of their need. If the buyer finds what they are looking for they request for the quote which includes specifications, type, price etc. via email, messages or phone call. The seller then connects to the buyer and further business is discussed between both the parties. Unless other services provided by TradEngine is required, it’s up to buyer and seller to decide the terms of their business doing.

We also support existing entrepreneurs & businesses by providing connections to buyers in wider market place. On the other hand, we help current buyers to build business by finding appropriate sellers.

Besides the B2B platform we also provide various services to business that needs help is areas of digital platform, website development, logistics services, consulting etc.

Now become an entrepreneur you always wanted to be and control you destiny. TradEngine is here for you.



Our Services

-          Lead generation and forwarding to potential sellers

-          Digital marketing including website site development

-          Information on various tradeshows

-          Provide seller verification certificate. This will help to develop trust of seller among buyers

-          Promote/Focus the brand by providing the space as banner ads, featured ads and top of search.



For the Buyers

Making entrepreneurs

-          Easy, convenient and instant way to connect with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and service providers both nationally and internationally.

-          Availability of extensive range of sellers & product ranges.

-          Easy to find alternative vendors for buying products.

-          Save you time and energy to find the exact vendors, MOQs, prices, locations as you don’t need to visit them physically.

-          Verified and reliable sellers

-          Can send requirements, ask the quote and get response immediately.


For the seller

Grow your business

-          Provides a market platform and increase your reach nationally and internationally.

-          Provide verifications of different levels to create the trust among buyers and sellers.

-          Create a page in TradEngine website and app based your package selection.

-          We provide leads of requirements that come in our portal.

-          Avoid the hassle of finding buyers. We bring them to you.

-          Reduce time of meeting face to face and entertaining buyers during initial phase conversation.

All things can be done through message, emails, calls etc. You can only meet during deal closure, if you have to.